iSnow Software Solutions

Insow Software SolutionsiSnow Software is a revolutionary solution that provides all the features required to manage group investment ventures and savings.

The solution can also be adopted to manage SACCO operations where members’ savings and contributions ca be tracked and managed. The web-based platform has been found to be a perfect control and accountability tool.


  • Personal information management:  The system has a fully-fledged personnel information management portal (PIM) where members’ personal profiles and bio are managed
  • Security and access control: The system as an inbuilt identity and access management function. Only authorized users can access authorized areas of the system.
  • Investment portfolio management: The system keeps track of investment portfolio. This allows for assessing the organization growth trajectory.
  • Expenditure tracking: the system can track expenditure lines of the organization over a given period time which is a powerful accountability tool.
  • Subscriptions: Members’ deposits are tracked from the point they are deposited. The system also providers for various payment interfaces such as mobile money, mobile wallet, bank transfers.
  • Document management: The system is used as an archive for all historical documents of the organization.
  • Loan management: Members can instantly apply for a loan form their phones. The approval mechanisms are integral within the platform and can be done anytime and from anywhere.
  • Reporting: The system easily generates both detailed and summarized reports with filter customizations. Some of these reports include contribution status reports, loan status reports, payment status reports, members’ reports, investment reports, payment status reports.